Vision from the valley: Examining Life Through David's Psalms

Vision from the Valley for podcast.jpg

In this six-week study at Lakewood Baptist Church, we will reflect on six Psalms that pair with our OT19 readings about the life of David in 1-2 Samuel. From David’s own meditations, we will glean how we can biblically and faithfully live our own lives in a manner that honors God even in the midst of life’s deepest valleys.

To learn more about Vision from the Valley, and find all the available resources, click here.

Each week, we will release a podcast that goes along with that week’s Psalm:

Week 1 — Psalm 34

Week 2 — Psalm 57

Week 3 — Psalm 142

Week 4 — Psalm 110

Week 5 — Psalm 20

Week 6 — Psalm 51

Tyler Smiley